The Foster Chevrolet Cadillac Body Shop: What We Do

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We Fix All Makes
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Get the inside scoop on what we do and how we do it! The Foster Chevrolet Cadillac Collision Center uses only the most technologically-advanced equipment to repair your vehicle in order to ensure the highest-quality results.

Computerized Paint Matching
Easily one of the biggest concerns when a vehicle is painted is "Will the new paint match my factory paint?" We don't guess or estimate when it comes to paint colors. Here, we use a sophisticated paint mixing system that is programmed with paint formulas for each make and model of vehicle. Each formula has been tested to identically match your vehicle's factory paint color so nobody will ever know work was done!

Paint "Spray and Bake" Booths
Once your new paint color has been mixed and is ready for application, your vehicle (or the parts that need painting) will be placed into one of our three (yes, three) painting booths. Each booth is sealed from the elements and utilizes an air-purifying system to prevent dirt and dust from mixing with your vehicle's new paint. Our paint specialist will cover and seal parts of the vehicle that don't need painted to protect from overspray while painting. Once applied, the new paint will bake inside the booth to harden... just like the factory does.

Frame Straightening
The frame is the skeleton of the car and any bends can weaken its structural integrity. This we must fix! Our trained professionals use a computer-assisted laser measuring machine to straighten your vehicle's bent frame back to its original factory specifications.

Full Service Department
One of the luxuries of having a body shop at a dealership is having a full service department within reach. While our collision repair staff works to fix the cosmetic aspects of your car, our ASE-certified mechanics can fix the other aspects, like replacing airbags or performing alignments.

Other Assorted Equipment
Of course, the staff at Foster Chevrolet Cadillac's Collision Center utilizes many more common tools for automotive repair, including welding equipment, grinders, hydraulic auto lifts, and more. Without these, some of the basic repair functions would not be possible.